During my career in HR I have always had two priorities: People’s development and Well-being.

That’s why I decided to put my experience and my skills to serve those companies that believe in Human capital as a key to success and they are interested in promoting and contributing with an atmosphere of well-being and growth within their teams.

If you are interested to deliver unique tools to your employees that will really motivate them and help develop their potential, contact me to create a customized project for your company.

Well-being at work projects

Studies show that a regular meditation practice contributes to well-being in the workplace, leading to a significant increase in productivity and even profit up to 20%.

If you want to show your employees the path to wellness (physical, mental and social), and experience the benefits of a more healthy workplace and you truly committed to implementing a philosophy of wellbeing at your workplace:

MBTI workshops & coaching

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool is one of the main personality assessments in the world, widely used for individual development and leadership, executive coaching, team building and organisational change, to improve communication and problem solving.

If you want to share within your company a project based on the strengths of individuals, thus enhancing the group:

Send me an e-mail at and Contact me for an introductory call, together we will assess your team we will  create the best programme for your organisation.