My approach

Like any good explorer of external and internal worlds, I never stop studying, searching for new inspirations and learning about new things to experiment with and to share with others.

I firmly believe in taking a holistic approach as I am a fond supporter of  the vision that each individual is made up of mind-body-soul and that there is no real fulfilment if there is not alignment at all levels.

These insights give me the opportunity to share the tools to allow you to explore and grow in the three dimensions.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is considered the  most trusted personality assessment on the market based on Carl Jung’s work on the Psychological Types.

Using the MBTI will help you understand your personality type and its dynamics deeply , it will allow you to release your psychic and emotional energy and I will help you channel it so you can build a strong foundation for lifelong personal development.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is much more than just a fascinating personality assessment – it’s a deep and accurate look into yourself that you can use to strengthen your skills in areas such as personal growth, conflict management, career development, decision making, leadership, communication and stress management.

Together we will understand how to best interact with yourself and the world, understanding both your actions and the actions of those around you.

The MBTI certification programme is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as Continuing Coach Education (CCE).


As individuals we have an innate ability to enter into silence, to gather energy and to expand awareness of meditation, it is called a meditative function.

I’ve started to experience this beautiful state of clarity at a very young age, many years before I even know that “meditation” even existed.

After studying the different types of meditation techniques practiced around the world, I decided to share my knowledge with others as I truly believe that meditation can bring us to safe and sacred space where we can find ourselves.

This is exactly where the magic happens – and it’s an accessible place for all!

I chose to dedicate myself to Holistic Meditation® because it does not use elements from culture, religion, and philosophy, and its natural healing process of the mind and body is available to all who commit to practicing.

Holistic Meditation ® focuses on both concentration (focusing on one image or sound) and mindfulness (being open to all surrounding sensations, but just letting them pass by).

Slow down and take the time to connect with yourself, and you will notice a difference even in the first few minutes as you expand and rejuvenate.

As a certified Holistic Meditation ® teacher I am accredited from Yoga Alliance International and affiliated with the CMA – Complementary Medical Association UK.

The Mental Training can be considered as synthesis of many insights originated from various models, the goal is to grow the autonomy and awareness for those individuals who have adequate tools and ‘guides’.

Coaching helps to stimulate individual’s growth by allowing them to focus more effectively and more consciously on their goals and the way forward to achieve them.

The experience integrates the most interesting models and contributions of personal development inserted into a holistic view of the individual.

The relationship between the coach and the client is equal and can be defined as an agreement where the coach by the use of different tools guide the client to learn how to use the creative process to stimulate reflection and self-knowledge in order to achieve a maximization of personal and professional potential.

It is important to clarify that the coach doesn’t give any clinical support therefore the role of a coach differs than the counselor and psychologist ones.

The coach stimulates and facilitates the client during the journey by giving practical tools to succed the goals. The client has full responsibility in achieving this goal, as the coach walk alongside the client while he will discover the internal resources.