My Journey

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As a child, my answer was always to become a psychologist. I studied all the great psychologists from Freud to Jung in high school, but I decided to change the direction my very last year. I knew that my passion was to understand human behaviour, but I was not clear on the ways to achieve that and I’ve decided to study foreign languages and to pursue a degree in communication. After a master in management and international communication in Italy and UK, I understood that my greatest strength were to “bring the best out of people” and I’ve quickly developed my international career in Human Resources within multinational fashion and luxury brands. (You can find more about my background on my LinkedIn profile)

I truly believe that we can “guide” others only where we have been before, and this is why I consider my life experiences – both personal and professional – to be very precious because in order to be a qualified mentor – I have to have lived these experiences first. The most valuable ones are the decision to move and live for 5 years in a different country, and to leave my managerial role within a multinational company to open my own business.

I also believe that life is a continuous growth and I am dedicated to my continuing studies and exploring new paths to connect with people on the deepest level, which is why I’m certified as Holistic Meditation Teacher, MBTI practitioner (Jungian psychological types’ method) and Mental Training & Coaching mind-body approach.

My adventurous attitude and reliance on my connection to myself and my intuition has set me on this journey and keeps me going as I am introduced to new things, new countries, new cultures, new languages and new people. I apply every interaction to my work in helping those who trust in me to guide them on their journey to transform into their most authentic selves.

Well-being” is my mission. Finding the balance between what happens inside of you and in the world around you, while being connected to your true self. Mother Nature unites with your Inner Nature, allowing you to experience pure joy which radiates on the outside.

This is what has lead me to take the leap to become a personal development mentor.

I believe in the power of presence and “just being” before being able to do everything else. This approach comes from different perspectives that allow me to be able to support you to re-connect, in discovering your talents and unlocking your great potential.