About me

I firmly believe that each of us have some talents that make us unique, and I also believe that often others see it in us, even before we recognize it in ourselves.

Several times I have been told that my uniqueness is to be able to make connections, as a fil rouge, everything that the person in front of me says, bringing out what is hidden, letting the invisible to be visible.

To say in a word this characteristic is called intuition and I think this is my ‘super power’ and what it has always guided me in my journey.

While developing a background in communications and management, I quickly realized that my real passion and my greatest strength were to “bring the best out of people” and I’ve quickly developed my career in Human Resources within multinational fashion and luxury brands, fulfilling what had always been my dream.

Grateful for my journey that gave me the opportunity to work in international environments and to relate with different profiles, I followed my intuition again, choosing to follow my vision and to continue my journey as I launch my new business and to develop the tools that allow me to connect with my clients on a deeper level.

Work Together

The part that I love most about my work is the interaction with different types of people and there is no success more satisfying than watching my clients grow and blossom as I help them to unlock the tools they need to succeed on the path to personal and professional development.

I provide mentoring, coaching and training programmes online and offline for individuals and organisations.

What you’ll discover is a holistic approach that gives you the opportunity to reach a state of wellbeing either personally or in your company.

This unique combination mixes different tools: business-oriented from my human resources career in the corporate world, advanced studies from my certifications in MBTI, Holistic Meditation and Mental Training & Coaching, and experience as a personal development mentor with clients from different corners of the world.

I lead holistic meditation courses online and offline as I am certified as a Holistic Meditation teacher by Yoga Alliance International ® and CMA.

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