Journey within Nature and Life

Few days ago, during a beautiful walk in a botanical garden inside a nineteenth-century court, I’ve stopped to contemplate a beautiful bamboo, and I’ve learned something that I found very significant.

The blossoming of this fascinating plant, often, involves his death which can occur even after 120 years. It seems that a “universal clock” orients all the individuals in the area of ​​distribution of the species to bloom, which becomes massive and simultaneous, destroying large surfaces.

It will not be a coincidence that its longevity makes it a symbol of long life for the Chinese culture, and of humility, tenacity, inner strength and nobility of character for Asian cultures in general.

Observing the bamboo has led me to reflect on the life’s path and the constant change of the human being. For each new circumstance arriving we should “let go of something” to make room for the new, as in the seasons change, which, to allow the gems to blossom, it is necessary to allow the leaves to fall, catching the magic that hides behind this phase, without fear but with respect and acceptance of the “end” that welcomes a new beginning, with love and trust. In the “soul’s journey” the human being develops the courage to “let go” one or more parts of the personality to give to let the pure essence bloom.

C. G. Jung in his immense research works argues that during the “journey of individuation” the human being, only passing through a phase of “sacrifice” of the ego, will arrive at the attainment of the Self and therefore at its full individual realisation.

The real enchantment is that only after this blooming, in fact, our eyes are able to see the “pure true Beauty” as it is – that nothing asks, that does not aspire to anything, it does not boast of it, and simply, is.

As always, Nature gives us wonderful lessons and opens us to a boundless space where everything is Life.